About Me


Hi there, welcome to my sexy world: Kassiekayxxx.com

Most of the videos are shot by little old me and my Sony Bloggie or cell phone, mostly because I just
love seeing myself naked
Kassiekayxxx.com is where I get to show you guys more about the real me and what turns ME on..and
in the process, I hope it turns you on too
I’m so excited that you came to my website and I really hope you decide to stick around!
I love you all!
Kassie Kay  XOXO

Kassie Basics

Drink: Dr. Pepper or vodka red bull
Eyes: blue
Hair: red/brown
Height: 5’6
Heritage: American lol ? Russian and Irish
Hometown: Kansas City, Mo
Measurements: 34a- 26-35

Weight: 115

Pets: My #Mini The Pitbull ❤❤
Piercings: ears only
Smoke: I love my girl Mary Jane

This or That

Beer or Wine: it depends on the setting! I love a glass of white wine with my meals, but I
also love drinking beer around a Bon fire in a country field
Blindfold or Handcuffs?: both at the same time!
Boxers & Briefs?: boxers
Cash or Credit?: cash
Cats or Dogs?: dog
Chocolate or Vanilla?: vanilla
Coffee or Tea?: tea
Hard or Soft?: haha what are we talking about here? Soft candy or hard cock?
Love or Money?: Love
Mac or PC?: pc
Phone or in Person?: in person
Sour or Sweet?: sweet

Kassie on Sex

Favorite Porn: my own!
Favorite Position:  doggie
Favorite Sex Toy: sex swing
Kinkiest Thing I’ve done: well I love to make videos for the world to see!